Rose Market is a hidden gem!!! This is the first place I've found able to accommodate for all of my allergies including gluten, dairy, nut, soy, and egg and still taste absolutely delicious!!! The salads and snack collection are great too. Candace is very sweet and staff has been helpful

Mattia M

One of my favorite downtown storefronts!! Literally the BEST gluten free donuts, and I love the Rowe Casa products too. A great collection of some unique finds! Stop in and check them out!

Lindsay W

My family absolutely loves to support local and this business is one of the best if not our very favorite! The owners are super helpful and always friendly! Their cold-pressed juice selection is always well stocked and the flavors are so good! We can't go in there without snagging some delicious homemade vegan and gluten-free donuts! If you have not tried them you're missing out! They have a great selection of food products as well as skin care, gifts, and also items for your favorite pup! Be sure to check them out. Our downtown is blessed to have them!

Jannelle K

Amazing! So thankful this store is in town. Dairy free baked goods and desserts?!? Had the monster cookie, it was delicious! Stop what you are doing right now and go try one! Seriously!

Alex B

What a fabulous addition to downtown Lafayette! Easy street parking right out front. Loved the selection of non alcoholic beer, wine, and mocktail mixers. Fun items to fill gift baskets, too! And THE BEST gluten free doughnuts.

Stacey G

Delicious gluten free and some vegan donuts. Lots of high end market items and really nice people run this place. Come in just to read the funny kitchen and house items.


This is a very cool little market featuring gluten and dairy free sweets. They have so many fun gift knick knacks. If you are searching for THAT gourmet item to add a little something extra to a meal, this is your spot. Locate downtown Lafayette.

Rob D

We love Rose Market! Cute little store - they offer delicious gluten and dairy free treats like muffins and donuts, that aren't obnoxiously sweet but made right there at the shop, amongst other cool things, such as alcohol free wine and drinks, which are hard to come by. And everyone has always been super friendly : )

Natalya S

What an absolute gem! The staff were extremely friendly and attentive and had knowledgeable and insightful comments about everything in the store. There were so many great products I wanted to but almost everything. I'm trying to up my adulting game and actually stick to a budget so I limited myself to one item, but I'll definitely have to come back another time (or a few more times, or a bunch... lol). I happened upon a book that I won't describe in too much detail as it's going to be a present and I'm not sure if the recipient will read this review but it was so uncannily perfect for this person's interests that it must have been fate. Also the donuts are to die for. Definitely stop by and check it out. Highly recommended.

Andrew H

Doughnuts are gluten free! Dairy free too. Wonderful little shop. Cute unique items and gifts. Great health options in the store.

Jennifer A

We love the unique grocery items here and the baked goods are phenomenal. Whether you have food allergies or just want to try something new, this is the place. My favorite bakery items are the berry or citrus donuts and the chocolate chip cookie cream sandwiches. Also, don't be afraid to try the 'sugar free donuts'. They are sweetened with date syrup and the perfect amount of sweet without the typical sugar crash you'd get from refined sugar.


I love Rose Market! They are a wonderful staple to Downtown Lafayette. They have great healthy, vegan, and gluten free snacks. I love their cooler with readymade lunch options, and their gluten free vegan donuts are amazing!!! They also have a wonderful collection of green, sustainable household products and some gifts. Truly one of the best stores in Lafayette!

Aurora L

Rose Market is AMAZING. They hands-down have the best gluten free donuts and vegan products! The donut flavors are so unique and wonderful! The owners are incredibly kind and helpful and their shop is absolutely adorable. If you haven't had a chance to check out the shop, here's your sign to do so :)

Jen K

Beautiful store with wide variety of organic and healthy food options, great selection of non alcoholic beverages (they carry my pregnant sister's favorite NA beer) and fun and eclectic gifts.

Also, hands down the best donuts I've ever had! We bought a dozen for our Easter family gathering and everyone loved them. We're not GF or vegan but I love that they're made with 100% natural ingredients and they still taste better than regular donuts! There's just more flavor, and the consistency is perfect. Not to mention they are beautifully and artistically made. They're almost too pretty to eat until you taste them and then you can't get enough!

Favorites were blueberry lemon, chocolate, blackberry blueberry, and carrot cake!

Betsy R

I LOVE this place!! Always such a friendly atmosphere and the employees are genuinely excited to be there. I went in today asking for vegan donuts (not realizing they only made them Thurs-Sun now). The lady was SO nice and mentioned that they had extras from a personal order and could frost some super quick for me. The best customer service I could've asked for (and the donuts tasted GREAT). Couldn't recommend more.

Jessica G

I popped into the shop after the Farmers Market, and I was so impressed! They've got so much cool stuff (I laughed out loud reading the cards and seeing the "holy" candles), including sustainable options like reusable paper towels and refillable soaps and detergents.

I was most impressed, though, by their selection of non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits. I've never seen a selection this wide in Lafayette, even at the major grocery stores, and I loved that you can buy many of them as singles. I bought a bevy of them to try, both to sip throughout the work week but also in preparation for Dry January. The prices are higher than they would be at the supermarket, but the selection can't be beat, and it supports a great local business.

I will certainly be back!

Lindsay S

Downtown Lafayette is lucky to have a healthy, clean, and fresh market!! Their options for vegan, dairy and gluten free donuts are so unique and incredibly good!! My kids love them too!

Katie H

A much needed addition to the Lafayette market! Fantastic vegan and keto food "including house made donuts!), tasty, fresh and healthy grab and go meals and super cool housewares. Every time I go there's new things to try. Fantastic market!

Lori M

We stop by often and always have a thrill to discover new unique items in this store. Love the fig salami, the grain-free noodles, and the cute little trinkets that make for fantastic gifts. Also, the owners have been extremely open to suggestions for new items and just for us ordered several things that are hard to find and that we now buy only from them. Thanks!

Alex L

I love this store! My favorite section is the household/pet section. They have tons of plastic free options from companies that value the environment. They have bulk refills for hand soap, laundry detergent, and more. Feel free to bring in your own containers and get a discount!

There is also a great selection of gifts/treats for yourself or whoever you're buying for. They get new items in every week it seems.

They also have a huge alcohol free beverage selection that I enjoy trying new things from. They have samples in store if there's something you want to try before you buy.

Emily H